#3 enhancements of rezound: shuttle wheel adjusts in semitones


Hello Davy,

I haven't had time to look after rezound for a long while.
But now, looking
for a wave recorder with a level meter, I realize the big
step, rezound has
made since version 0.3...

One thing I have missed in rezound in former days is the
possibilitiy to
adjust the playing speed in semitones.

With a bit of time this week end I have made an
approach in doing it by
myself. Because I'm not a C++ programmer I had to find a
simple way.

And here it is. I would ask you to implement this
functionality in the way I
have done it or in a modified way.

I have used the ShuttleDialScaleButton to add the item
"semitones" (the word
is to long for the layout but it makes clear what it does).
Choosing this
item, the shuttleDialSpringButton is switched to "free"
mode and changes it's
meaning. I use it to display the amount of semitones (-12
.. 12) choosen by
the shuttle wheel.

I think the other way round using the
shuttleDialSpringButton to add the item
"semitones" and the ShuttleDialScaleButton to display
the amount would be
more obvious, but I have not enough knowledge to
implement this.

After switching back to mode "1x", I restore the spring
mode in each case
wether it was in "sprin" ore in "free" mode before. It
would be better to
store the former mode and restore it after ending of mode

I send you hereby the changed file CMainWindow.cpp
version v0.7.0beta. It
compiles and runs without problems here (ignoring the
big amount of free
space you need for the compilation that was a problem
for me : )
I have marked my changes with a comment like
// gerhard 3L: COMMENT
that means the next 3 lines from here are new or

I'm not shure if I have done it the right way from a
programming point of view
(memory leaks, ...?) but it satisfies my needs.

By the way, the "pause" button is not working if you are
in "free" mode and
have changed the speed. Is it a bug or intention?

I hope you will enjoy my little piece of work.



  • Gerhard Zintel

    Gerhard Zintel - 2003-06-27

    Logged In: YES

    Me again,
    the upload of the file seems not to have worked.
    I try it again.

  • Gerhard Zintel

    Gerhard Zintel - 2003-06-27
    • assigned_to: nobody --> ddurham
  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-06-29

    Logged In: YES

    I'm sorry I didn't get to this sooner, I've just been trying
    to get 0.8 ready and now that it was released I've been
    fixing problems people have been having.

    But hey, I like this addition. I'm going to try to come up
    with a better way of presenting the information (like you
    said, it's a little hokey to use those two buttons like
    that (and the longer 'semitones' name)

    I'll let you know when I finish it up and make mention of
    you in the code/docs.


  • Gerhard Zintel

    Gerhard Zintel - 2003-06-29

    Logged In: YES

    I'm very glad that you like the idea 'cause it's very usefull for
    me and I'm curious about how you will implement it in the end.

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-07-01

    Logged In: YES

    Alright, cool, it's accepted into CVS. Thanks!

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-07-01
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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