#86 Move wave parts as block


It would be nice if we could move wav as we move midi
tracks in rosegarden, for example: when you cut a
fragment of sound, this fragment acts as a block, and
it can be moved with the mouse without selecting it, as
if it was a midi track. caretDELETETHISPART@arrakis.es


  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2005-01-22
    • assigned_to: nobody --> ddurham
    • status: open --> closed
  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2005-01-22

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    This would be more of an editor built around arranging audio
    instead of altering it. That is not presently the focus of
    ReZound, and it would fundamentally change parts of the
    implementation. Although I think after 1.0 I may create an
    area of the editor for just that. It would be an addition
    instead of a modification to ReZound. All in good time.

    In the meantime though I would suggest you look at either of
    the projects, audacity or ardour. Both of these are geared
    toward that type of editing.

    Thank you


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