#20 Icons and Recording...



first of all: damn good job. I always searched for a good editing-tool
under linux. This is the best I found. ;)

Here my Future-Requests:

A Variable Icon-List for Actions
Maybe, if it is possible variable hotkeys.

And for Recording:

LiveShow of the Waveform (like CoolEdit)
And the VU-Meter should be nonflashed. I think it looks better like
the VU-Meter in the bottom of the Play-Window.




  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-03-09

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    Hey, thanx for the compliment...

    However, what to you mean by "A Variable Icon-List for Actions"?

    User assignable hot-keys is definately something on my TODO
    list before 1.0, but I've got a few things that are higher
    priority than that at the moment.

    LiveShow of the Waveform? I'm not quite sure what you mean,
    but I've got the demo of CoolEdit downloaded, I'll go check
    it out. BTW- if LiveShow is just the waveform visualized,
    then what value does that have?

    What do you mean by "nonflashed"? But I do plan to reuse
    (on the recording dialog) the meters that are in the bottom
    like you say. The recording meters right now are just
    status bars really. They came before the playback meters
    and I just haven't gotten around to using them for both yet.

    -- thanks again

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-03-10
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Downloaded ReZound 0.7.0beta and tried it, and it is a nice
    piece of software. I do some on location recording work and
    have used various software packages until now. ReZound by
    the way has lots of similarities with SoundForge.

    The Peak/VU meters could be improved some, here are my

    The main meters should not be linear as they are now (-6dBfs
    in the middle). It is good that the upper end has somewhat
    more resolution than the rest so you know how near clipping
    you are, but for classical and other recording work where
    the dynamic range is much greater than on popular music it
    is important to see the range -40dB to -10dB too, and to
    have the scale more like logaritmic, (logaritmic makes the
    distance on the scale between -40dB and -30dB be the same as
    between -30dB and -20dB) only with greater resolution in the
    top end from say -10dB to 0dB.

    Also in some occasions you want to see all the way down to
    -120dB (depending on the number of bits your A/D:s have),
    for example to easily see where your noise floor is when you
    have hooked up all the equipment and set the levels. Also
    room background noise is a parameter that one can want to
    monitor this way.

    So a different scaling and preferrably adjustable range
    (choises from -20dB to 0dB all the way to -140dB to 0dB
    would be nice) for both the main and recording window meters
    (those last ones should have a scale calibrated in dB, like
    the main meters, and also show the peak value, not only clip
    count, which by the way I also find is a very nice and
    usable feature).

    So much for the meters!

    Nice to see a good piece of audio/recording software like
    this in developement for Linux!


  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-04-14

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    Yeah, I tought that it might be nice to give the user a
    choice of how the meters should be scaled, maybe I'll go
    ahead and add that to the TODO.

    And yes, the playback meters need to be reused on the
    recording dialog. I just haven't gotten around to do that yet.


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