#5 libFox Compile Failure


I am running under Redhat 7.3, I have installed fox -1.0.17
libraries in their default locations.

I get the standard configure: error: !!!!! Fatal Error: libFox
missing, broken or outdated !!!!!.

I have searched my system to locate the files, just incase
they were not where I thought. Found, but putting the
command on the ./configure to indicate the path did not
help. I tried a number of variations of the path statement,
but continued to get the same response during the
configure. If I use the gl patch command, the program
does not function once compiled.

Connected with this problem, I guess, the first time I went
through the process, I got the program compiled using
the gl patch. The program ran, the first time I started it. I
then set up short cuts to access from the desk top, and
had no problems. I explored the program. checking out
the functions and options. All that I tried seemed to
work. I then shut my system down. The next day when I
tried to start the program, it hung when I tried to start it.
Clicking on the file or the link from the desktop gave the
same response. All permissions were correct and the
application should have started.

I removed the program and then attempted to recompile,
but then ran into the situation in the first paragraph.


  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2002-07-29

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    Well, the first think I would say is make sure you have
    the -devel packages installed for FOX. Secondly, at least
    on mandrake the fox packages used to be libfox0 and
    libfox0-devel and a third packaged called 'fox' which was
    just some applications which used the fox libraries. But,
    you had to install libfox0 and libfox0-devel to actually get
    the fox library files. I looked on rpmfind.net for any
    redhat fox rpms but found none. Now I would say check all
    this, but you say it ran before... Did something possibly
    change with your fox libs since then?

    But if you just want to get it running you can either
    download and compile fox yourself (www.fox-toolkit.org
    (probably want to configure with '--with-opengl=no')). Or,
    you can get a ReZound precompiled binary release (the very
    latest at

    But I would appreciate (and thanks already for) any feedback
    you can give on actually trying to get it to compile since
    that was my stated purpose for this alpha stage. You
    shouldn't have to use the GL patch unless you are actually
    getting GL compile errors.. so perhaps remove the source
    tree and start over from the tarball if you already applied


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I reinstalled Fox and Mesa. Got them to install by
    using the using the suggestions in the install
    documentation. I have tested Fox, the editor and
    calculator function well. I re installed rezound, the
    compillation seemed to go to completion. I have
    and 11+ executable file. Set the permissions to
    allow operation, but the program will not start. Is
    there a method to check where it is hanging up?

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2002-08-05

    Logged In: YES

    Please explain: "I have and 11+ executable file. Set the
    permissions to allow operation, but the program will not start."

    After typing 'make' from the top rezound-0.2.0alpha
    directory (and if it did not report any compiling errors)
    you should not have to set any permissions or anything...
    you should then be able to just type ./rezound to run it.

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2002-08-05
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    Davy Durham - 2002-08-12
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    Davy Durham - 2002-08-13
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    Davy Durham - 2002-08-23
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