#26 segfault on run after clean compile

don radick

Downloaded rezound 0.8.3beta - ./configure, make run
cleanly. Redhat 9.0, fox 1.1.30 libs installed, AMD
Barton cpu.

(never did a "make install", just trying to exec from
where it
was compiled).

Attempting to run ./rezound gives:

using path
'/home/dradick/FOX/rezound/rezound-0.8.3beta/share' for
share data directory
'vox' executable not found in $PATH -- vox format
support will be disabled
Segmentation fault

I did a "make check", which ran fine, but I'm not sure what
I should do to run the checks.
The prebuilt binary for 0.8.3beta runs great on my system.

Nice job of coding the FOX libs!

-Don Radick


  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-08-11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> ddurham
  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2003-08-11

    Logged In: YES


    Well, does this happen just sometimes after you've compiled
    it: you run it then it segfaults, then run it again and it
    works fine? Or, will it not run at all for you? Can use
    gdb to figure out where it's dying? (Just run 'gdb
    ./rezound', then type 'run', then if it dies, type 'bt' for
    a stack backtrace.)

    Of the first case, I get this occasionally, but it never
    happens except right after a compile, so I haven't worried
    about it. The debugger didn't tell me much when I actually
    got it to do it when I was watching. I still don't know
    what it is.

  • Davy Durham

    Davy Durham - 2004-06-26
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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