Terry O. - 2009-04-24

First, I was wondering if this forum is even being monitored... if it is, then I had a C question. (I am not a C programmer, just someone playing with rexx after a lot of years away.)

I'm using a newish dual core Dell running WinXP Pro.  I installed the latest versions of Rexx/Wrapper, oorexx, regina and lcc-w32 since  Rexx/Wrapper wouldn't work with my installs of  mingw.  I used the sample "animal" script to test a console app.  R/W wouldn't complete a compile using Regina but it would sometimes with oorexx and lcc.  One error I kept getting the most frequently was in types.h - it complained it was defined in 2 places.

/* typedef int ssize_t;

I commented out the types.h file in the lcc directory, since doing it in the oorexx file caused more errors than I wanted to track down.  Bear in mind that I am not a C programmer, so commenting out a few lines of code is about all I can handle.  But was this the best thing to do?   

Before I go too much further, can someone tell me what the best portable Windows (32 bit) configuration is?  Preferably all open source?  With a sample script that is known to work?

I'd also like to see a description of a working environment/script to create a simple Windows gui.  I know that the help file says it's only useful if using Rexx/DW but that is next on my list to try. 

I tend to learn best with a working example that I can take apart and analyze to see what it's doing.  I hadn't even considered using Rexx as a potential solution for something I'm working on (which I knew a little from my old AS/400 days) until I ran across a program on the XDA-Developers Forum and I remembered how easy it had been to script with back in the day.