Hi !
I've just jumped from Regina to REXX/Trans under LCC.

So far, I've not encountered problems running scripts with REXX/Trans

But here are what I had to do to use it with LCC :
- #define __RSXNT__ just before #include rexxtrans
- notepad buildlib.exp
_RexxAddMacro@12                 RexxAddMacro
_RexxAddQueue@12                 RexxAddQueue
_RexxAllocateMemory@4            RexxAllocateMemory
_RexxCallBack@20                 RexxCallBack
_RexxClearMacroSpace@0           RexxClearMacroSpace
_RexxCreateQueue@16              RexxCreateQueue
_RexxDeleteQueue@4               RexxDeleteQueue
_RexxDeregisterExit@8            RexxDeregisterExit
_RexxDeregisterFunction@4        RexxDeregisterFunction
_RexxDeregisterSubcom@8          RexxDeregisterSubcom
_RexxDropMacro@4                 RexxDropMacro
_RexxFreeMemory@4                RexxFreeMemory
_RexxLoadMacroSpace@12           RexxLoadMacroSpace
_RexxPullQueue@16                RexxPullQueue
_RexxQueryExit@16                RexxQueryExit
_RexxQueryFunction@4             RexxQueryFunction
_RexxQueryMacro@8                RexxQueryMacro
_RexxQueryQueue@2                RexxQueryQueue
_RexxQuerySubcom@16              RexxQuerySubcom
_RexxRegisterExitDll@20          RexxRegisterExitDll
_RexxRegisterExitExe@12          RexxRegisterExitExe
_RexxRegisterFunctionDll@12      RexxRegisterFunctionDll
_RexxRegisterFunctionExe@8       RexxRegisterFunctionExe
_RexxRegisterSubcomDll@20        RexxRegisterSubcomDll
_RexxRegisterSubcomExe@12        RexxRegisterSubcomExe
_RexxReorderMacro@8              RexxReorderMacro
_RexxSaveMacroSpace@12           RexxSaveMacroSpace
_RexxSetHalt@8                   RexxSetHalt
_RexxStart@36                    RexxStart
_RexxVariablePool@4              RexxVariablePool

- buildlib rexxtrans.exp rexxtrans.lib rexxtrans.dll (no, I don't use the rexxtrans.lib distributed with rexxtrans.dll)

The project I'm working on is some sort of hex editor with scripting abilites. I tested Regina 3.2 and Object Rexx with no problems. Object Rexx is slower than Regina to initialize but is faster when executing. I have been able to use OODialog from within the application.