Jack Snodgrass - 2004-09-13

I've used one of the demo programs to write something useful. I know ZERO about TCL or TCL/TK. There are two
things I need to do to my program to make it more usable
and I've got no way to know if they can be done in
tcl/tk at all... and more importantly... how they would be done
in Rexx/Tk. I have the laster 2.1 package installalled and
running on Linux.

My program just displays a menu button that executes
SSH or TELNET depending on which Item I pick. I have
things like
ssh site1
ssh siet2
ssh user1@site2
ssh user2@site2
telnet site3 port#
I read these in from a file. When I select one of these
with the mouse, I start up a telnet/ssh session.

Now... it would be more perfect if I could
1) minimize the box when I select my program.
2) relase the focus from the TK box and let it
    go to the ssh/telnet box
3) restore the tk box when I exit out so I can
    get focus on the TK box again.

right now, I click the TK box, then I have to move over
to the ssh / testlnet windows, when I exit, I have to
find the tk box again.

Anyway... if someone can point me in the right direction,
I'd appreciate it.