Use ODBC & MySql on the same machine??

  • Jon Wolfers

    Jon Wolfers - 2007-06-25

    Hi Mark,

    is it possible & practical to use rexx/sql to access MS Sql Server through ODBC & MySql on the same machine.

    If so, how would you suggest I went about it?



    • Jon Wolfers

      Jon Wolfers - 2008-10-29

      Still trying to acheive this.  I have downloaded the MySql dll (REXXMY.DLL).  I have placed it in my rexxHome folder.

      I try to run this script:

      'dir rexxmy.dll /b'
      call rxFuncDrop 'MyLoadFuncs'
      if rxFuncQuery('MyLoadFuncs')
      then call rxFuncAdd 'MyLoadFuncs','REXXMY','MyLoadFuncs'
      call MyLoadFuncs

      and get this error:

      C:\oorexx>rexx test
           7 *-* call 'MyLoadFuncs'
      Error 43 running C:\ooRexx\test.rex line 7:  Routine not found
      Error 43.1:  Could not find routine "MyLoadFuncs"

      Am I doing something obviously wrong?
      thanks, Jon


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