Anthony Carter - 2010-11-29

Hi - when I was running xp 32 bit and 2.5 i was able to connect with no problems. using the supplied dll's - I have tried the 32bit version on windows 7 but get an invalid image message.

I noticed in 2.6 there is no windows exe shipped - could a wndows exe both 32 and 64 be added to 2.6 for those without access to a C compiler and the knowledge to run makes

As I will be mainly connecting to Oracle and will be using the  ORACLE instantclient will this cause any problems?

Also I would like to use the class files supplied in OREXXSQL - I know there is a typo that I have corrected in the past - but have lost the reference to this and the source as my hard disc broke - is this ever going to be included as part of the main OOREXX project ?

Thanks in advance for any help given