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SQLLoadFuncs failes

Jo Seegers
  • Jo Seegers

    Jo Seegers - 2012-09-18

    Running on a Windows 7 64-bit system I try to run my REXX script that uses SQLREXX. It functioned well on my older Vista 32-bit system.
    I installed OOREXX 4.1.1 64 bit and rxsql26B3 for mysql 64 bit.
    Call SQLLoadFuncs failes with the following message:
    Failed to load external library "libmysql": LoadLibrary() failed:

    I googled several identical issues but nowhere found a solution.

    To solve the problem I replaced both oorexx and SQLREXX with the 24-bit version with no positive result.

    Anybody an idea, or better, a solution?


  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2012-09-19

    The error indicates that you do not have the file: libmysql.dll in your PATH, or the libmysql.dll you have is the 32bit version.  Unfortunately the move from 32bit to 64bit can be frustrating because all components have to be the same architecture; you can't mix 32bit and 64bit DLLs.
    libmysql.dll is NOT part of Rexx/SQL; it is part of the MySQL Client package.

  • Jo Seegers

    Jo Seegers - 2012-09-19

    Hi Rexx,

    That was the tip I needed. I had the impression the accessing a MySQL database from Windown on a Linux server did not need any MySQL software installed on the Windows PC.
    Thanks a lot!




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