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Able Ape
  • Able Ape

    Able Ape - 2007-09-25

    Having trouble installing Rexx/SQL in Ubuntu 6-0-6, Regina 3-3, PostGreSQL 7-4-18

    1) The configure script is looking for "isql.h" to satisfy the "--with-db=pgsqlodbc" flag. 

    There is no such "isql.h" flag in the postgresql distribution.

    What is the recommended course of action?

    2) I love rexx, and I would love to use integrated SQL commands, but how much abuse should one take?  This install process is from the dark ages.  My teenage son is laughing at me and wondering when I will give in and buy a Mac. 

    Has anyone got this to work with a debian based system and postgre odbc?  Please post a sample of your configure parameters for REXXSQL. 


    Able Ape.

    • Able Ape

      Able Ape - 2007-09-25

      Correction:  I said there is no "isql.h" flag, I meant file.. I have gone throughly through the source files for postgresql-7.4.18 and that file is no where to be found.  The configure script bombs and says it cannot find that file.  Its a stand off!


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