Nicole Sutti - 2002-10-25


I'm having problems setting this up. I have Windows 2000 NT and ObjectRexx Developer (v 2) and IBM DB2 UDB V7.

I'm trying to set it up at work and home and I'm having two totally different problems.

At home, when I run the tester from ObjRexx, I get the error "cannot find routine SQLDROPFUNCS"

I created a dir in c:\sqlrexx and extracted from the SQLREXX download (the latest beta test version) and also the OREXXSQL and added this to my path.

At work, when I ran the older version of REXXSQL, it said my database was not defined and I edited the command file with username, password, and database (also tried SAMPLE)

And when I try to run the command like in the install doc rexxsql simple.cmd userid=..... It executes but I'm unable to see the results (window flashes by)

Has anyone got this to work with my setup?!!!
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