Staffan Tylen - 2012-02-21

I'm new to SQLITE3 and REXX/SQL and am trying to set up a working environment on my Windows 7 system. I've got so far that I can run the tester.cmd rexx but only to a point, after which it terminates with the following messages:
Testing sqlprepare/sqlopen/sqlfetch…
connect: succeeded for <c1> <> <> <> <>
fetch: Single row Fetching for <select * from RX_EMP>
Error in fetch: preparing
SQLERRM: no such table: RX_EMP
SQLTEXT: select * from RX_EMP
I've searched most of internet (almost) for a solution to this but can't get anywhere. I would appreciate very much any help I can get in getting this problem solved. Many thanks.