Will Martin - 2008-08-31

I've run across untold amounts of posts others have around the net concerning how to use RexxCurl and Telnet under Windows XP but never seem to find any solutions to the questions they ask.  The RexxCurl docs state that basic telnet is supported but stops with that.  I have a need for a script that I can use to connect to a few routers, log in, issue a couple of commands, scrape off the output, and close everything out leaving the scraped data for processing.  I've tried for a few hours to figure out how to use the Regina Rexx stack implementation to queue up the id, password, and commands for the telnet session.  Is this even possible using RexxCurl and Rexx?  Either I have a mental block or I'm missing something important in setting this up because I've yet to be able to 'inject' a command into the telnet session.  I downloaded ZOC but don't want to add the overhead unless there just isn't any other way.  My leg is getting sore from kicking what now appears to be a dead horse but want to give it one last salvo before abandoning the approach.  Does anyone know of any sample code or other material that should either show me what I'm doing wrong or rule out the telnet approach?

Any input will be greatly appreciated.....