Can't find libcurl.dll

  • joesse

    joesse - 2006-03-28

    I'm trying to load RexxCurl, but I get an error message that it can't find libcurl.dll on the path. I tried then to download the libcurl package, but in none of the archives there was a libcurl.dll. I found a libcurl-3.dll, but renaming this file didn't solve the Problem. I'm running Regina Rexx on a W2k PC and I downloaded (W32 version with SSL) as well as (W2k/XP version without SSL), but none did contain a libcurl.dll. Any ideas?


    • Brew

      Brew - 2006-03-30

      It's the simplest things that get us sometimes. Had this problem myself.

      One of the function calls for the Rexx external functions is looking for libcurl.dll (that's obvious). It's looking in the current working directory of the running script not the Rexx installation, and then looking in all the directories of the PATH environment variable.

      Check your system PATH environment variable to make sure that the directory where you've stored libcurl.dll is listed. If it's there check the spelling etc.. Or move your libcurl.dll to the same directory where you have Rexx.exe or Regina.dll etc..

      Hope this helps.

      • joesse

        joesse - 2006-03-30

        Thank you for your help - but my problem wasn't to locate libcurl on my PC but on the internet...

        Meanwhile I have found libcurl.dll on I put it where regina would find it. It asked then for msvcr70.dll. I found that too on Now it says (I'm translating from german:) 'Couldn't find the procedure reentry point "RexxCallBack" in "rexxtrans.dll".'
        Prossibly the libcurl.dll from wasn't the right one. Where can I get the real, working libcurl.dll??

        I'm trying to solve my problem with perl, but Rexx is so much easier...

        Any help greatly appreceated.


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