Project Aegeus (ooRexx for Delphi Pascal) Alpha 1 Released

Aegeus brings the Open Object Rexx (ooRexx) API to Delphi Pascal programmers. A Delphi program (GUI or Console) can invoke any ooRexx service provided by the API and ooRexx Programs can invoke Delphi functions and subcommands.

This release, 0.083101, is essentially an 'open for discussion' release.

The ooRexx API has been fully translated for Delphi Pascal users. A good deal of testing has happened, but it is likely that some nuances of the API have been missed.

The newly created class library wrapper is fully operational as well. Three macrospace functions have not had unit tests built for them, but that is under development next. The approach taken for the library is up for discussion. I have tried to make method signatures as "pascal-like" as possible, where ever possible. I have tried to make the external functions, subcommands, and macrospace classes as similar as possible. In the external queue class, I have experimented with throwing exceptions whenever something goes wrong, but not in other classes.

Also, the ooRexx team is working on a new object oriented API. How this will affect the classical API, and whether or not this project will or should take advantage of the new API is unknown.

These decisions need to be firmed up before beta release candidates are settled on. With this alpha release, I am asking the user community for help.

The documentation is somewhat behind the code development, the readme file does not reflect the current state of the testing, and the Wrapper Class theory of operation document needs to be aligned with the current state of the code.

Any help from interested developers will be appreciated.

Posted by klatham 2008-01-31

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