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    hi, i downloaded the app and it works, and it works fine, but is not easy as it is. i am running it on a xp machine, there are no labels in the buttons or anything, so i had to guess 'what does that little button do'. so far i have loaded images, played a little with tweaking (color, contrast, brightness, m and noise, it looks good, great actually) but i have not found how to save correctly (since i dont see any options for that). as i said previously, all the buttons in my desktop appear without names or anything, so i found the save button (even tough the file dialog is called open instead of save), and in the file types there are not listed any types. so i say whatever.txt and it saves it as whatever.txt.ans (ansi). i dont know ho to convert from ansi to html or whatver, actually, i tried to open the saved files with notepad, wordpad, mozilla and the writer from openoffice and none of them seems to recognize the file correctly (it shows all tags instead of actually changing the font color or whatever). ok, i can deal with it, if is not possible to set names on the buttons (or make them appear), but the description says it can save as html, ascii or many other things. how do you do that? (in directions, please dont say click on the button labeled 'something', because i dont see any labels, instead please tell me 'right click third button from up to down, on left side' or whatever)


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      I never heard of that problem but I guess it's related to the language module. Try running either the JAR archive or -if you did that alreay- unpacking it with WinZIP or something and start it from the command line.
      If that doesn't help, there is still the possibility to run retypar from the command line supplying arguments for the conversion. I'm sorry, but right now I'm abroad and can't help a lot from here... If I'm not wrong, I supplied a help file with the archive.

      Hope that helped...
      Jens Heuser


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