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Retroweaver 2.0.6 released

This release fixes bugs and improves support for formatter and BigDecimal methods.

See the Changelog for details.

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2008-06-16

Retroweaver 2.0.5 released

This release fixes bugs, mainly for the annotation support.

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2008-02-19

Retroweaver 2.0.3 released

This release mainly adds support for extra methods in BigDecimal and Character.

Some of the new methods are based on code from the Harmony project.

See the Changelog for details.


Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2008-01-22

Retroweaver 2.0.2 released

This release adds support for isSynthethic(), isBride() and isVarArgs() reflection methods.

Dependencies jar files were also updated.

Important Note: the rmic workaround had to be disabled to make this reflection methods work.

See the Changelog for details.


Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2007-11-10

Retroweaver 2.0.1 Released

This release contains bug fixes and an update of the concurrent backport package.

See the changelog for details.


Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2007-09-30

Retroweaver 2.0 Released

The 2.0 branch is finally out of beta mode...

The main changes since the last Beta include:

Patch to bettter simulate .class applied

Extra support for reflection features

Bug fix(1655942) incorrect byte code transformations for constructors
reported as: java.lang.VerifyError in classes referencing BigDecimal(int)

Error is raised if retroweaver runtime is not present during weaving.

Various bug fixes (see changelog for details).... read more

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2007-03-05

Retroweaver 2.0 Beta 4 Released

The main changes are:

- Support for junit4 was added in this beta.

- Extra features supported for reflection and missing methods.

Note that the Formatter support is only in its initial stage and just enough was implemented to make sure the junit test cases passed.

See the changelog for details.


Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2007-02-03

Retroweaver 2.0 Beta 3 Released

The main changes since Beta 2 are:

- update of the backport util concurrent and ASM jars

- several bug fixes: field access, append() method in Writer classes, ... (see changelog)

The planned changes before the 2.0 release are the support for part of the newer reflection API and closing the related bug reports.

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2007-01-26

Retroweaver 2.0 Beta 2 Released

The main changes since Beta 1 are:

- static fields can now be mirrored

- namespaces can be specified to add extra mirror classes

- several bug fixes (see changelog)

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2006-10-11

Retroweaver 2.0 Beta 1 Released

This new version of retroweaver introduces support for annotations and a new "mirror" mechanism to add support for 1.5 features (methods and constructors) without having to handle byte code modifications.

The 1.2.x branch is now aa maintenance branch and all new features will be added to the 2.0 version.

The main changes in this 2.0 Beta 1 version include:

support for annotations

mirror mechanism to emulate 1.5 features for both
methods and constructors.... read more

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2006-09-05

Retroweaver 1.2.5 Released

The changes in this version are listed below. Please note that 1.2 is now a maintenance branch and that a 2.0 Beta 1 version has also been released today. Support for annotations was added in the newer version as well as a new "mirror" system to emulate the missing class methods from 1.5.

Bug fix (1520011), Appendable interface

Bug fix: test for ACC_BRIDGE & ACC_SYNTHETIC was incorrect... read more

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2006-09-05

Retroweaver 1.2.4 Released

Changes in this release include:

- maven plugin files are generated for each release

- parseBoolean and compareTo in Boolean are weaved

- Arrays and Collections calls are weaved

- Bug fixes:
translator could introduce duplicate methods
invalid import directive

- backport-util-concurrent updated to 2.2

- Update to ASM 2.2.3

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2006-08-13

Retroweaver 1.2.3 Released

This release is mainly for bug fixes. Other changes include:

A new warning was added in the verifier if the class file version is newer than the specified target.

A new option "-stripSignatures" was added and the default behavior is now to keep the signatures. This means that weaved generic classes can still be used by the 1.5 java compiler.

See the Changelog for details.

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2006-04-23

Retroweaver 1.2.2 Released

Changes since the 1.2.1 release include:

bug fixes:

NameTranslator did not translate exception tables

Enum initialization by class loader was too lazy

false positives in verifier for abstract classes

better handling of foreach loop when declared
type is Iterable.

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2006-04-05

Retroweaver 1.2.1 Released

Changes since the 1.2 release include:

- bug fixes: Enum serialization problems, .class weaving, line number and local tables were stripped by optimizer.

- verifier is lazy: only weaved classes are verified.

- new features are processed: System.nanoTime(), BigDecimal constructors, StringBuilder and StringBuffer methods.

- Documentation updates

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2006-03-14

Retroweaver 1.2 Released!

This marks the merging of retroweaver-ng back into the official retroweaver project.

Changes include: bug fixes, patches, new architecture for byte code generation, new options to weave jar files and WeaveRunner, a new ClassLoader to weave classes at runtime. See the Changelog for details.

Posted by Xavier Le Vourch 2006-02-28

Retroweaver 1.1 Released!

Changes in 1.1
New features:
- Support for reference verification. Retroweaver automatically warns you if your code references classes, methods, or fields that don't exist in your target JDK.
- An integrated Ant task: com.rc.retroweaver.ant.RetroWeaverTask.
- A separate runtime jar: retroweaver-rt.jar. This jar file is smaller and contains the minimum set of classes necessary to support Retroweaver at runtime.

Posted by Toby Reyelts 2005-01-19

Retroweaver 1.0 FCS Released!

The final 1.0 version of Retroweaver has been release (1.0 FCS) to coincide with the JDK 1.5 FCS release. It sports several new features including a new UI and a new developers guide, along with several bug fixes.

Changes in 1.0 FCS

New features:
- A new developer's guide (html,pdf,OpenOffice).
- A new graphical user interface
- A new executable jar - RetroweaverEx.jar

Bug fixes:
- 997305 - Typo in src/com/rc/retroweaver/
- 1008851 - Retroweaver should strip undocumented method flags
- 963245 - NosuchMethodError for String.replace(String, String);

Posted by Toby Reyelts 2004-10-13

Retroweaver 1.0 RC4 released

Retroweaver is a Java bytecode weaver that enables you to take advantage of the new 1.5 language features in your source code, while still retaining compability with 1.4 virtual machines. New features in this release include new support for enumerations, new support for java.lang.Iterable, and more optimized autoboxing.

New features:

- New support for enumerations. You can now use the enum language construct. The generated enum classes derive from com.rc.retroweaver.runtime.Enum.
- New support for java.lang.Iterable. You can now implement, extend, and use java.lang.Iterable. Look at the example ItTest class for more details.
- More optimized autoboxing. Additional caching has been added for chars, shorts, and ints.

Posted by Toby Reyelts 2004-03-23

Retroweaver 1.0 RC3 released

Contains some bug fixes, and a new -target option so you can target earlier virtual machines including 1.2 and 1.3.

Posted by Toby Reyelts 2004-03-17

Retroweaver 1.0 RC2 released

This version contains an update for StringBuilder.

Posted by Toby Reyelts 2004-03-17