jomo66 - 2009-11-17

I am having a problem with version 2.0.7. I execute from the command line, using either the rt version or non-rt version of the java. Command is:

C:\Documents and Settings\mmaio1\Desktop\retroweaver-2.0.7>java -cp release\retroweaver-all-2.0.7.jar;lib\asm-3.1.jar;lib\asm-commons-3.1.jar;lib\asm-util-3.1.jar net.sourceforge.retroweaver.Weaver -source C:\gdatasource\gdata\java\src target 1.4 -verbose -version

and the only output is (obviously)
Retroweaver version 2.0.7 (build 411)

1.5 is installed along with 1.4. No errors. Any ideas? Thanks.