christo00 - 2006-12-08

I just tested  retroweaver-2.0Beta1/ because the previous stable version changed the semantics of
my java program leading to a NullPointerException in the retroweaved code. Details see bug list.
I wanted to see whether this is fixed in the 2.0Beta1.

In the beta version I find many  more classes in the  retroweaver-rt.jar and  I do not completetly understand why these additional classes had been introduced.

Consider the code

CharSequence cs="";

The problem under java  1.4 is that there is no method

To make it running under 1.4 I used to change my code to

In the new version retroweaver is doing this automatically by using
a new replacement for java.lang.StringBuffer

Apart from the  NullPointerException problem this works fine.
But I wonder whether it is really necessary to make so many new classes and I am concerned about the size of the retroweaved classes and possible loss of speed.

Each reference to a class makes a class file larger and classloading slower.