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Posted by defnax 2008-11-02

Major Update: Retroshare V0.3.50a.

We are pleased to announce the latest and greatest Retroshare - V0.3.50a. This release brings significant improvements in terms of file sharing.

New features:
(1) File Cache - your peers directories are viewable even when they are offline.
(2) File Hashing - downloads are now sourced from any online peer which has the file.
(3) File Search - the new file cache enables instant keyword searching through all available files.
(4) Improved stability.... read more

Posted by Dr Bob 2007-10-02

Retroshare V0.3.12b

This week brings a new stable RetroShare release (v0.3.12b) for both Windows and Linux.

This is likely to be of the last of the v0.3 series. We're already moving rapidly forward in the development and expect the first of v0.4 series to arriving within the month.

This release brings a series of bugfixes:
(1) New Icons + GUI tweaks.
(2) Fixed 100% CPU bug.
(3) Fixed single-char directory bug.
(4) Fixed 'Completed Files' bug.
(5) Fixed up compilation issues in Linux.
(6) Added SVN compilation script.
(7) Many more...

Posted by Dr Bob 2007-09-10

New Release: Retroshare V0.3.11B

A new release (V0.3.11B) is now available for download!!!

This is a cleaned up version of the V0.3.11A development
release from a couple of weeks ago.

Improvements Since V0.3.11A
* Cleaned up Retroshare Networking Configuration.
* Switch uPnP to off by default (notes below)
* Corrected couple of GUI text problems.
* DHT can now be switched on/off. (requires restart)
* DHT and UPnP Status available. ... read more

Posted by Dr Bob 2007-06-19

Retroshare Release (v0.3.0pre10)

The new Windows Beta for Retroshare. (v0.3.0pre10)
is now available from

Retroshare is a cross-platform private sharing
platform. This latest release enables private
chat and easy certificate sharing.

Retroshare Features:
* F2F communication network
* Web-Of-Trust Authentication.
* Private and Secured by OpenSSL.
* Private and Group Chat.
* Secure Messages (like Email)
* Simple File-Sharing.
* Automaticly Resumed Downloads.
* Easy Exchange of Certificates.... read more

Posted by Dr Bob 2007-05-15

RetroShare Release (v0.3.0pr6)

The new Beta Release of retroshare. (v0.3.0pr6)
is now available from

New Features:

(1) DHT address lookup, means you'll never be lost again ;)
(2) Recommendations
(right-click on a File in Local Dir Window)
(3) Send and store Messages. Including recommendations.
(4) Automatic download of recommendations.
(right click on files in msg window)

Anyway give it a go,
and spread the word.... read more

Posted by Dr Bob 2007-03-22

RetroShare release v0.3.0pr5

The Sneak peek at the Latest version of
Retroshare is now available...

This cross-platform private p2p sharing program. It lets you share securely with your friends a web-of-trust to authenticate peers.

Give it a go!

Posted by Dr Bob 2007-03-12