#80 Work on headless server


It would be really usefull to be able to use Retroshare on a low-energy headless server. So no GUI, a web interface and low consumption of memory and/or CPU. Ideally if it was packaged for opkg or ipkg it would be usable on always-on NAS devices.


  • greyfox126

    greyfox126 - 2010-09-04

    we do have one, apart from hashing files or generating private keys i imagine its quite low energy intensive.
    pls see

    or better see folder
    retroshare > trunk > retroshare-nogui > src, should compile fine
    someone just recently wrote a httpd using it, you will still have to call services (chat, files, etc) natively.

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    Anonymous - 2010-11-06

    I managed it with xvfb since nogui-version did not connect at all to any other people.

  • Isaac Witmer

    Isaac Witmer - 2012-11-30

    I used xvfb for a while, until I realized that some of the windows weren't closable without window decoration. Now I run x-session-manager inside xvfb. It's a bit overkill for a "headless" server...

  • cave

    cave - 2012-12-12

    At the moment i run, X11VNC and the GUI on a Raspberry Pi.

    I hope there will be a WebInterface like the pyLoad interface wich works really well.

    And some integration to OpenWrt Packages would be really helpful. Then my NAS-could be 24/7 always on.

    I have discussed with people running 1,2Ghz or 2Ghz Qnap devices and want to run RetroShare on it.


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