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ReText 4.1.0 released

Today I've uploaded ReText 4.1 release. It is a major new release with the following improvements:

  • ReText now runs with PyQt4, PyQt5 or PySide. PyQt5 is the preferred backend, but if you don't have it installed, it will fall back to PyQt4 and then to PySide. You can also use new --pyqt4 and --pyside command line options.

  • A configuration dialog was added, for quick settings management. Some of the settings are applied immediately, for some you'll need to open a new tab, or restart ReText.... read more

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2013-08-18 Labels: announcements release

ReText 4.0.0 released

Actually ReText 4.0.0 was available for download for some time now, but today it's officially released! Thanks to all people who have participated in this release by filing bugs, providing patches and translating.

>>> Download ReText

Also, ReText 4 is now available in Debian experimental, Ubuntu raring and PPA for Ubuntu quantal.... read more

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2012-12-18 Labels: announcements release

ReText 4.0 rc 1 and new Google Drive export extension

Final release of ReText 4 is slowly approaching. To allow you give it some final testing, I've uploaded a release candidate today. Please test and give your feedback.

Also, Google's gdata API is not compatible with Python 3 yet, so the Google Docs export was removed from ReText in this release. Instead, I've written a new export extension, and it even has some advantages:... read more

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2012-11-16 Labels: announcements

ReText 4.0 beta 1 available

Today, we are pleased to announce the first beta release of ReText 4 (download link).

List of changes in ReText 4.0 beta 1:

  • ReText is now using pymarkups module as a back-end.

    This includes:

    • Support for reStructuredText style sheets. For example, you can now use code-block directive, and the syntax will be highlighted.
    • Support for using MathJax for rendering formulas. In Markdown, you can use TeX-style formulas (wrapped in $$...$$ and $...$). In reStructuredText, use math directive.
    • Support for custom markups. You can use something different from Markdown and reStructuredText. Write your markups in Python!
    • Support for WpGen-style markdown-extensions.txt file. Use this file to specify Markdown extensions you need. List of available extensions is here. Extra extension set is enabled by default. There are also two “virtual” extensions — remove_extra and mathjax.... read more
Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2012-10-01 Labels: announcements

ReText 3.1.0 released

Today, we are pleased to release ReText 3.1.0 (download link).

This is mostly a preparation for the next big release (4.0), but there are some new features here.

  • Spell check suggestions — if you have pyenchant installed, ReText will suggest you the correct spelling of words in the right-click menu.
  • Document-specific highlighting — for example, the highlighter will no longer highlight plain text documents, and will ignore HTML tags in reStructuredText documents.
  • Some improvements to the webpages generator (wpgen) — it was updated to version 0.5.4.... read more
Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2012-06-07 Labels: announcements release

ReText 3.0.0 released

After 3 months of development, we are proud to announce the first release in ReText 3.0 series.

See our previous post for overview of the major changes in this release.

I'll remind you the most important changes: Python 3 support, Syntax highlighter, Export Extensions, improvements for spellchecker and WebKit engine. ... read more

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2012-03-08 Labels: announcements release

ReText 3.0 beta 1 released

Finally, after 2 months of development, a beta version of our next major release is available. You can find it at ReText-3.0 folder in the Downloads page.

We've updated the our Testing ReText page with new instructions for how to test it, and also there's now documentation for Export Extensions available.... read more

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2012-02-14

Overview of ReText 3.0 changes

ReText 3.0 development is almost completed, and you can already try the Git version.

Let's see what's new:

Python 3 support

ReText works with Python 3.x now! However, gdata does not support Python 3 yet, so Google Docs exporting won't work for now.

Improved highlighter

ReText 3 features new, improved highlighter.
Screenshot... read more

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2012-01-17

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