Overview of ReText 3.0 changes

ReText 3.0 development is almost completed, and you can already try the Git version.

Let's see what's new:

Python 3 support

ReText works with Python 3.x now! However, gdata does not support Python 3 yet, so Google Docs exporting won't work for now.

Improved highlighter

ReText 3 features new, improved highlighter.

Export Extensions

New, and better Export Extensions were introduced, and everybody can write one — they are as simple as .desktop files! Update: The documentation can be found here.

Recent Files is now a menu

Opening a recent file was never so easy — just select it from File → Recent files menu.

SpellChecker improvements

Document is now correctly re-rendered when you disable spellchecker or change its locale.

Support for codehilite extension

ReText now automatically loads CSS file for Markdown's codehilite extension if it's enabled. You can manage Markdown extensions using the configuration file. Also, WpGen now supports Markdown extension as well. Just enumerate extensions needed in markdown-extensions.txt file of working directory.

Shortcuts for formatting

Use Ctrl + B, I, U to make your text bold, italics or underlined.

WebKit engine improvements

Now ReText lets you enable/disable this engine in one click, and also uses WebKit for printing when it's enabled.

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2012-01-17

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