Installation Error

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    During installtion there is an error: 'type mismatch an unexpected error has occurred'. To solve the problem follow this steps:

    1. Open setup.lst in the notepad

    2. Go to line 21 'PrivateGroup0' and make sure it has the following:

    3. Correct if needed

    4. Save the changes

    5. Run the setup again

    After this the setup will run successfully

    Posted by PollitoFrito

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Which is the setup.1st ??

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        when you download the '' file it contains 3 files:

        3)setup.lst <- thats the file to edit.

        Posted by: PollitoFrito

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Next error:
          run time "52" Bad file name or number

          • Nobody/Anonymous

            can anyone help.  i just down loaded Reailer.Org-Setup-0.0.16  and on trying to install the program on a WIN2000 SP4 PC i keep getting the same error:  SETUP CANNOT CONTINUE BECAUSE SOME SYSTEM FILES ARE OUT OF DATE ON YOUR SYSTEM. CLICK OK IF YOU WOULD LIKE SETUP TO UPDATE THESE FILES FOR YOU.  YOU WILL NEED TO RESTART WINDOWS BEFORE YOU CAN RUN SETUP AGAIN.  when i click ok the system reboots  but when i try running setup again the same error come up.  would appreciate your assistance.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I also get the same error, windows xp sp1

      Please help

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      me too. Please help

    • FrankKhan

      FrankKhan - 2006-07-16

      Sorry but the visual basic version will soon be old news... visit the project home page and click the link 'the future' :P .

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thanks, it setup in my XP SP2 successfully, im trying to test

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Well it works, but a message to the author. Price is spelled P R I C E not prize.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I don't think so. Give it another 2 years and maybe it will functional enough to use in a store.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      very good ! I am trying to test it now.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i have an error during the installation, i modified the setup.lst and the problem is different the weird thing is in my computer i can install the software but in other i cant i dont now what the problem is if both computers are identical. Please help.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Where do one go to add your company name and adress details, etc.?


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