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Welcome to the wiki for ResxEditorAddIn!

ResxEditorAddIn is an add-in for MonoDevelop that provides an editor for resx files to edit strings and their associated translations and to generate the related classes for access the resources.

You can edit an existing resx file by right clicking over it on the project pad and selecting the option "Open with -> Resx Editor". Furthermore, you can open the editor by the option "Tools -> Resx Editor" in the main menu of MonoDevelop.
Once you have created the files with ResxEditor, you must add that files to the project. The resx files must be added how embedded resources and the cs files are class files to be compiled.

You must only open resx files for the neutral culture . For example, you can open a file with name "strings.resx" but do not a file with name "strings.es.resx".

To install this add-in you must download this package and install it with the option "Tools -> Add-in Manager" of MonoDevelop and click "Install from file" button.