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info tornado12 for camera picture restoration

This project is quite complex, but it succeeds to give restoration for large images like camera pictures.

I put info in the case of the tornado12 release, using inpaintcmd in a practical way.

Restoration works well in color, channel by channel.
Speed is impressive.

Extra developper Hint:
A developer will easily speedup by a factor of 3, working in YIQ or HSV, on the brightness channel.

Good luck,

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2010-07-22

Upoaded: Added DLL rumtime for C++ firebird part

There was 3 runtime DLL missing
I have updated the firebird examples.
See downloads v02

In preparation now:
Now preparing local image Blobs, detection of areas, ... for firebird


Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2007-09-29

Embedded Firebird C++ and Java UPLOADED :-):-)

Firebird Databases for Stand alone Image Apps

In C++ and in Java. Yearh!

Compare yourself. Even SHA1 signature tests succeed. ;-)

You have NOW: firebird in Java JDK1.5, and in C++/MingW3.10.

Building Database Apps without the use of any server. Wondering sorting, relation, transactions,
even backuping, without any DB admin nightmare.

Firebird is really performant, light, easy.... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2007-09-28

firebird embedded image DB c++ and java tested :-)

Firebird Databases for Stand alone Image Apps

Not a dream ;-)

I tested with success the use firebird in Java JDK1.4 or higher, and in C++/MingW v3.2.

Building Database Apps without the use of any server. Wondering sorting, relation, transactions,
even backuping, without any DB admin nightmare.

Firebird is really performant, light, easy.


1) Tabular table databases for stats
2) Simple Image Blobs store/query/retrieve, with transaction savepoint/rollback/commit
3) Unique image Blob database using SHA1 image signatures(Ensure image content is unique)... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2007-09-26

NEW image embedded database features Upload Now ;-)

New Firebird embedded database example cotains:

1) Tabular Database
2) Simple Blob for any Images
3) Image Blob with Insert Transaction
4) Image Blob with Update transaction
5) Image Blob using SHA1 signature, for unique content image database.

Have a nice weekend,

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2007-09-08

Embedded Firebird Image blob transaction Uploaded :-)

great stuff with firebird: enjoy now transaction with image blobs.

A small easy, and clear example of how to build complex UNDO, without paying the penalty.

The new example:
- insert four images,
- allow full inspection
- go back to a decided olympic point, and do inspection
- go back to a golden league point, give the winner image on file.

The two previous examples, (Blobs & Tabular Db)
are in the new zip.... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2007-09-07

Super light image database for firebird: UPLOADED

Two example of light embedded database without DB server.

Previous example: Tabular database for classification, stat,...

New Example: Image database using Blobs and streams. Support any image format.

Next step, ImageIO to read and use images

Have fun with firebird,
Flying forward,

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2007-09-05

An embedded Firebird database application uploaded

I upload an example of java application with the new firebird 2 database.
It gives a good first idea to use stand alone apps with DB capabilities WITHOUT ANY SERVER.

Database & table creation, and queries have been

Conflict of queries, insertion are shown practically.

Futur: Selective Inpainting

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2007-09-04

Site is under reorganisation

a reorganisation and a redirection of work is decided.
i will improve some of the most adequate inpainting, using Java jdk1.50_15, combined to firebird database.

This will make the project more constraint to
the original project direction.

Thanks for understanding,
With best regards,

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2007-08-27

Oliveira Inpainting in Java1.5, firbird2, Jaybird coming :-)

I am back.
i have followed the trend of Jdk 1.5, and also the wonderful works of firebird 2.0 databases.

I will soon have a Swing demo for Extended Oliveira inpainting, plugable or runtime
Firebird would be used for embedded data and stats
without reguiring db servers, as an option.

Coming very soon,

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2007-08-21

Merry Christmas:MathBidouble1.2 C++ NonlinearSolversUPLOADED

MathBidouble 1.2 for Merry Christmas :-)

FloatVector a real Blas1++ with SSE switchable.
An armada of the newest 22 nonlinear solvers and 11 line searches.
* Includes Dai-Yuan and Hager-Zhang nonlinear conjugate gradient and much more.
* NEW standart Wolf and latest approximate Wolf.

The old Bernard armada of 40 linear solvers, and deconvolution solvers(Lucy..., MRNSD,..., Complex FFT, Circulants, ...)... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-12-24

MathBidouble1.1: Near UPLOAD Bench NEW nonlinearSolvers :-)

The bench with real C++ classes with Nonlinear Solvers

Ok I am through the SCALCG. ;-)
Doing last checks with some Objective funtions for safety.

Verify last side effect, setting up final bench.

NEW Hager Combined Wolf/approxWolf is made more flexible to accept different Wolf Line Searches. FINAL

NEW Hager's Approximate Wolf FINAL
NEW Andrei's ScalCG FINAL
NEW Bernard ScalCG: Multi Spectrum SCALCGv0.1 LAST TESTING... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-10-15

MathBiDouble1.00: BLAS1++ and SSE: ULPOAD NOW :-)

BiDouble1.0 (part of Tornado1.3)
I need all the horse power of my small PIII, to stay competitive with PIV. MathBiDouble is the answer.

BLAS1 mean Vector computation, used intensively in image analysis:
- Fast IIRs (working in O(N))
- Fast FFTs (working in O(N*log(N)))
- Fast Linear Solver in splitted and unsplitted mode
- Fast Nonlinear Solvers: LimitedBFGS
In all cases vector processor is maximized and require sizes ranging from 256 to 4000000 floats.... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-10-05

New examples and homepage update, in schedule :-)

Three major topics will be included

1) Improving real satellite images via deconvolution:
Tikhonov, and better TV deconvolution will show how to get noise ripped!

2) Improved inpainting will allow to observe diffusion, connectivity, and long range linking on real images.
Your image know the unfilled areas!

3)Getting interesting areas via binarization and segmentation in noisy cases: Yanovitch-Bruckstein, Ambrosio-Tortorelli, ...... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-08-12

Intensive testing Euler Elastica Inpainting complete

The TV, CDD and the Euler Elastica inpainter.
Have all been completely tested.
I add the ability to use switchable PIII SSE1 code to compute all inverse roots winning from 20 to 33% computation time.(This is compatibele with all PIV)

The new EE inpainter has been enhanced, and have been shown to support long range connectivity.
However I used the explicit model which limits its use to b/a<=5.(Medium long range connectivity)
Above the number of iterations is too large.... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-08-06

Upload PNM/BMP Applet (1.1) alpha demo, TODAY

To get the Applet: See Crack removal download section:

Adding an alpha Applet(Java1.1 or higher) able to load

PNM/PGM/PPM & BMP8/24 uncompressed

Tested with IExplorer 5.0 Windows 2000

(Possible refresing problem: if more than three Applets.)
Seems OK,
Sources coming,

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-07-30

Linux prerelease of Tornado1.2b1 available

Compiled code and source to Suse 9.
Done at the Free University of Brussels(ETRO/VUB)
Thanks to Rudi and Mareck, and to the Etro department.

(*) This is still a prerelease.

This is a MinGW gcc/g++ recompiled with jpeg, with Makefile under Linux Suse9. Note that the smart person, may look to makefilePIII and activate PIII/PIV SSE parallel instructions. (Suse 9 use gcc3.x :-) )

The port was done in couples hours.
cmd batch demos have not been all converted to csh. (Time was not available)
We did at least one conversion to csh, to show that it works.... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-06-01

Tormado1.2a3 UPLOADED: Blomgren Fixed Point Color TV working

1)Blomgren Fast TV(grey and color)
The new results are now equivalent to Blomgren thesis.

Strong denoising is working effectively, and fastest results use SGS-bicgstab (5 times faster than other linear solvers)

Full color TV:
TVnm & TVtrace were more accurate, and give better contrast on details that TVn1(single channel) separate color.
Grey images are also supported.... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-05-14

Prerelease Tornado 1.2: SEVEN working nonlinear solvers...

This a prerelease for safety and developers
It contains complete sources of tested:

Note: Only makefilePIII was used during testing.

Nonlinear solvers:
Fletcher-Reeves, Pollack, Dai, Hestenes Conjugate gradients, BB, Newton Rapshon

Line Searches: Armijo, Wolf, Secant, Dennis, nonmonotone


SVD stuff

Blomgren Fixed Point TV + constrained solvers

I think, intertunning of classes may bring numbers of application open to number of fields even outside image restoration. ... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-05-02

Breaking the line in BCCB technology :-):-):-)

the test using BCCB technology are progressing verrrry positivvvvely. ;-)

Comparision with classic Thomas Linear Solver are conclusive.
This mean FFT Technology can now working very happily with Conjugate gradient technology.

BTTB technology is now under focus for combined usage in restoration.(Deconvolution+denoising)

This will make Tornado1.2 real and pure C++ Image restoration, a very interesting open tool,
in the coming weeks. ;-)... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-03-11

1D Tikhonov based deconvolution working with CG and Barzilai

Classic Tikhonov deconvolution examples
with most conjugate gradients and Barzilai-Borwein solvers are operational.

Pursueing example set

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-02-03

Tornado1.2 has MinGW and Visual C++v6 makefiles WORKING:-)

the Mingw console classes are using gcc/g++ 3.0 for windows.
An additional port for Linux succeeds last month.

NEWwww !

The support to MS Visual C++ v6. nmake makefiles for console application are working succesfully! ;-)

Tornado1.2 combines number of fast restoration and solver technologies, and is planned for upload this month.

We have now with Tornado1.2 a larger portability.
Coming soon,
Have a nice day,

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2005-01-12

Linux version of Tornado1.05 uploaded NOW :-);-)

Thanks to Danny and to my old university the vub, Brussel.
I could make a port of Tornado1.05 at least for jpeg and pgm/ppm on a Linux debian. The generic makefile should work with other Linux Systems.


Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2004-11-26

Fast Image Restoration Tutorial in WordPad, Available NOW:-)

A Practical Tutorial with examples is in preparation.

It compares Isotropic/anisotropic and Variational fast restoration with splitted and non-splitted methods.
A section is added to the new fast TVInpainter.

Some of the examples will be similar to Weickert Thesis and other papers, when possible.

Large time steps:
Current results will demonstrate the non-obvious advantage of unsplitted methods at very large time steps (t>20).... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2004-10-16

Tornado1 Fast Restoration Uploaded: NOW :-) :-) :-)

Image Restoration Invasion Started:

The cooking of the chief for Anisotropic and Variational Restoration:

34 linear solvers + GMRES(l,m) variants can now be explored in splitted and non-splitted restoration:
LOD, AFI,AOS,AMOS,ADI, Backward-Euler, Cranck Nicolson

1)Tornado Sources allows you to do competitive developement comparative to classic netlib.
Works with 34 Linear Solvers in pure C++, TODAY ;-)... read more

Posted by Bernard De Cuyper 2004-10-07