I'm facing the following problem: 



public interface MyService {


    Response readAction(@QueryParam("action") String action);


    Response postReadAction(@FormParam("action") String action)


$ curl -d "action=test" "http://myserver/my_path"

action: test

e.g. the action parameter in the body is read and this is the expected answer.

$ curl -d "action=test1" "http://myserver/my_path?action=test"

action: test1

This is also OK, the verb is POST and the action value is test1 (as it is in the body).

$ curl -d "action=test" "http://myserver/my_path?action=test"


In this case (action parameter appears as form and query parameter and has a same value) the action parameter value is missing.

Can someone help with this one?