Cool - nice. If I get time I'll see if I can switch to using this instead of the standard gallery. Regenerating the thumbs every time does annoy me.

All the best,


On 21/03/2010 16:30, Yuri D'Elia wrote:
Hi everyone. I've made some modifications to the gallery plugin that I
would like to share.

I've made optional the "page_template" parameter: if not set, a
direct link to the image is made. I've switched the "cgi.replace" (and
the ugly ** escapes) to use "embedded_code" like everywhere else.

The thumbnails are now regenerated only when needed, not at every
invocation. The plugin is attached as "gallery2", since the templates
are not directly compatible with the old ones. The plugin works
otherwise the same.

I tried to make the plugin system work on "rest" files by using
substitution references (which look like this: |gallery|). I raised the
question in the docutils ML, but without much success:

The proposed solution to define the substitutions by concatenating
text work (of course), but you cannot define 'raw html' in the

.. |sub| replace::
  .. raw:: html

thus making them much less useful for that purpose.

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