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Server transaction

Recently our web server provider decided to shut down on short notice. That forced us to migrate the website to a new server. Most is up and running, but if you run into any issues, please report them (ideally in the issue tracker, or on the mailing list

Some people have had problems with signing up, since no activation email is being sent. If that happens to you, please send an email to the mailing list from the mail address that you've used to register, tell us the situation and include the username. This way we can activate the new account manually. Hopefully we'll be able to solve this soon enough though!

Posted by Robert Rosman 2015-04-30

Design your own reports

We'd love to hear from you how we can make our reports easier to read and understand! I've started a thread to discuss the topic here. Create a simple mockup and let us inspire each other. May the best proposal win!

Posted by Robert Rosman 2013-04-29 Labels: design report custom feedback accountability partner

Updated POCO packages in PPA

...which means that Ubuntu and Debian users won't have to fiddle with compiling the POCO libraries by hand anymore (see previous blog post). Instead you can simply grab the latest packages found in the PPA. If it's not working for you, please create a ticket in the issue tracker.

Posted by Robert Rosman 2013-03-26 Labels: POCO PPA Ubuntu Packages

Problems with Ubuntu 12.10?

Some of our users have found that their installation of Net Responsibility has stopped working when upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10. The reason for this is that the the newer version of libpcre3 is incompatible with Poco 1.4.2 (provided in the NR PPA).

Currently there is only one way to get NR working, and that is to install POCO 1.4.5 or later manually by compiling it. That will hopefully fix it.... read more

Posted by Robert Rosman 2013-01-13 Labels: Ubuntu 12.10 Broken Ubuntu Quantal

Website in transition

The last week or so we've experienced problems with our webhosting service. This means that the website has been down and non-functional. We've decided to move the website to a new server in order to avoid that it happens again. While we did the switch we also upgraded the hosting capabilities to run a vps with all what it means.

The website can still be found at, and this will not change.... read more

Posted by Robert Rosman 2012-09-21 Labels: website vps technical problems

Tip of the day: SelfControl

Recently I ran across a piece of software called SelfControl. I've used it as a compliment to Net Responsibility and I think it's a really useful tool, so I thought I'd share this insight.

With SelfControl you can block several websites for a specified amount of time. The idea is to help you keep focused on doing what you should instead of checking Facebook, Youtube, the news etc. That's certainly something I find myself do... I've also realized that some of these sites may trigger temptations in me. For this particular reason I've started to add such sites to SelfContol and activate the blocking in times I know I'm weak or alone. This has proved to be very effective.... read more

Posted by Robert Rosman 2012-09-15 Labels: SelfControl Compliment Blocking

Plugin support coming up

Lately I've been working on splitting the software up in different pieces. This means the part of NR that's sniffing the network for internet traffic, and the part that generates reports based on the logged information, are put as separate plugins loaded by NR. So what's good with this approach?

For example I don't think the same type of report will be preferred by all our users. With the new support for different plugins, we can leave the choice to you. In the future we may see some very simple reports, only showing the sum of all warnings' strength. Maybe with a short message like "Mr. X has not visited any suspicious websites" or "Mr. X has most probably visited inappropriate websites. It's recommended to take contact with him as soon as possible".... read more

Posted by Robert Rosman 2012-08-26 Labels: plugins languages filtering sniffing reports

Wanted: Guest blogger and feedback

Recently we got a request from the website to write a review of Net Responsibility as a guest author. Since the blogger shouldn't be too involved in development, this request goes out to all of you who are using Net Responsibility. If you are running a blog yourself you might want to consider writing some lines about the software there as well ;) (Do note however that if your blog post is intended to be published on it may not be posted somewhere else) For more information about the blog post, see this thread: read more

Posted by Robert Rosman 2012-07-05 Labels: feedback feature requests bug tracker testimonials

Please help us improve the reports

You may have noticed that there is a color-coded number ranking system that is used in the 'Warnings' section of the reports. This is a new and minimally tested feature, but we are hoping that it can eventually become a reliable guide to whether an item in this section should be considered a cause for concern or not. At the moment, there are a fair number of false positives that show up in this section, but these should decrease as we are able to improve the accuracy of our reports. That's where you come in! If you would like to help with this, here are a few things that would be really useful to us:... read more

Posted by Robert Rosman 2012-06-10 Labels: Improvement data Contribute Accountability partners

Updates in the forum

Several sites, like SourceForge and Stackoverflow, are using Markdown as
the language to format text. The basic concept of Markdown is to be able
to write text that's looking good in plain text editors, and easily
converted to HTML. Another big advantage is that it's fast to write.
More information can be found here:

Markdown is now used in our [forum] as well. Don't worry, there are still buttons so you won't have to learn all the syntax to be able to use it. If you're using the Quick Reply box though you need to be aware of this. You may also use some simple HTML, but the old BBCode will not work anymore.... read more

Posted by Robert Rosman 2012-05-18 Labels: website forum markdown

Search function

Since the documentation, forum, mailing list archive etc. are constantly
expanding, the need for a simple way to search through them all is
growing as well. We've now created a [search][] function that makes it easier
to find what you're looking for. Hope it will become useful.

Posted by Robert Rosman 2012-05-17 Labels: search website

Documentation for Net Responsibility

In the past a drawback have been the lack of any good documentation available for Net Responsibility. Times are changing, and Dustin have done a great job on this area. Go ahead and take a look at the [documentation][]!

Hopefully the documentation will expand in time while staying up to date. Any help is greatly appreciated! If you're interested, please read this guide.

Posted by Robert Rosman 2012-05-17 Labels: documentation

New website layout

We've released a new layout for the Net Responsibility website. Feel free to
browse through it and post feedback in the [forum][]. Here are some of the

  • Nicer formatting of the text.
  • Wider window for less scrolling.
  • Expandable menu with more links than was able to fit as tabs.
  • CSS3, the layout will look better in new browser, without breaking in older.
    Some ugly hacks have that were needed before are now removed.
Posted by Robert Rosman 2012-05-17 Labels: website new layout