#11 v1.8.1 and v1.8.2 do not build on Linux


This is related to ticket #3

following the README.unix and typing

autoreconf -i
./configure --help


configure: error: cannot find sources (src-IL/src/il_main.c) in . or ..

I assume that's because of renaming the .c file to .cpp (why did you do so, it's still C, isn't it?) It should not be release in such a condition. Did you consider using CMake? Maintaining all that different platforms is an elaborate task and might be eased by using CMake.


  • Christian Weigel

    I will try if CMake if feasible for ReSIL. If so and if (and only if) I can manage to create useful scripts, than I would contribute these. In the meantime the .c -> .cpp error should be fixed.

  • RoestVrijStaal

    RoestVrijStaal - 2014-11-03

    I ran into the same problem.

    I use Win7 but use MinGW-w64 with MSYS2.

    For someone who wants to try it as well:
    First I tried to tackle the issue by regex-replacing the following (without quotes) in the makefiles:
    "(\w+).c([^p])" with "$1.cpp$2"
    "(altivec_\w+.c)pp" with "$1"

    Unfortunately, g++ broke at the first run because the use of the "auto"-type in the source files.

    Using CXXFLAGS='-std=c++11' helped, till g++ broke again in src-IL/src/il_cut.cpp "at rule 93: 'min' was not declared in this scope"
    auto toCopy = min(controlByte-128, image->Width-outOffset);

    At first sight, #include <algorithm> & using std::min; seems to be missing, but adding them didn't work. So I gave up on using ResIL.

    To the developer: which compiler do you use to get it all working?
    For some reason, g++ is picked by make instead of gcc, but there is C++11 code (like auto) in the .c files.


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