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Resara Server 1.1.2 Released!

Resara Server 1.1.2 Released. AD compatible Linux domain and file server. 1.1.2 brings international character support

Resara is pleased to announce the release of Resara Server 1.1.2. This release brings international character support. See below for the list of changes.

Community Edition Changes

* International character support for users, groups, and files.

Commercial Edition Changes... read more

Posted by Brendan Powers 2012-04-18

Resara Server 1.1.1 Released

Resara Server 1.1.1 Released. AD compatible Linux domain and file server. 1.1.1 brings important fixes and updates

Resara is pleased to announce the release of Resara Server 1.1.1. This is a bug fix update that included several important fixes. See below for the list of changes


* Resara Server should now appear in Network Neighborhood, or other network browsers.
* Added the ability to change expired passwords when logging into the Admin Console
* Added forgot password link to the Admin Console log in screen
* Reduce password complexity requirements for new installations
* Make password complexity errors more clear
* Automatically fix backslash for the home and profile paths when editing a user
* Fixed the input validation on the DHCP host MAC address field
* Fix loading of a saved MAC address after the server restarts
* Fixed some errors when configuring the DHCP server after the server is provisioned
* Look up the administrator user by SID instead of DN. This resolves some issues caused by moving Administrator into an OU.
* Increased the timeout when Resara Server is waiting for samba4 to start. This should resolve the boot up issues that some users are experiencing.

Posted by Brendan Powers 2012-03-30

Resara Server 1.1 Released

Resara Server 1.1 Released. Resara Server is a Linux based Active Directory compatible domain controller, file server.

The Resara team is proud to release Resara Server 1.1! Its been a very exciting year for Resara Server, with new users all over the world ranging from small businesses with a handful of employees, to large enterprises with thousands of users and computers. The priorities for the 1.1 release were infrastructure improvements, scalability, and overall refinement. With this release comes multi-server replication for redundancy and expansion for large networks, a new installable ISO to make setup and configuration even easier, and many other features and improvements. ... read more

Posted by Brendan Powers 2012-01-27