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Running Requel with Docker

The Requel-1.0.1.jar can easily be run in a docker container using a docker container based MySQL container.

create a network to connect requel to a mysql database:
docker network create requel-net

run a mysql database, note I'm not exposing this to the host, if you want to access the database from the host add "-p3366:3306" before the -d flag to make it accessible via port 3366:
docker run --name requelDB --net=requel-net -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=pa33w0rd -d mysql:5.6.32... read more

Posted by R Regan 2018-01-31

New Executable Jar for Easy Running

The new jar release Requel-1.0.1.jar is much easier touse. It has an embedded tomcat web server so you only need to have a MySQL database running. Just pass database settings and port if 8080 is not available:

java -jar Requel-1.0.1.jar --spring.datasource.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/requeldb?createDatabaseIfNotExist=true --spring.datasource.username=root --spring.datasource.password=password --server.port=8081... read more

Posted by R Regan 2018-01-31

A bug creating/edit stakeholders is fixed in 1.0c

bug 2814975 Can't edit (create) stakeholders, which caused the user stakeholder and non-user stakeholder editing pages always appear in read-only mode was fixed.

Posted by R Regan 2009-07-01

A major bug was introduced in version 1.0a

Thanks to mohag for posting a problem in the help form, tracker bug 2814283 was introduced in version 1.0a that made creating a new project fail with a null pointer exception. The problem has been corrected and a new war file has been added in the download section Requel 1.0b.

Also, a note has been added to chapter 5 of the user guide for setting the jvm heap space to 500 Mbytes so the initialization of the Stanford parser won't fail with an out of memory error.

Posted by R Regan 2009-06-29