The world is changing...

  • Trevor

    Trevor - 2010-10-06


    The world is changing. Oracle now owns MySQL, and you cannot download MySQL Server version 4 anymore, not even from the archives at the MySQL website.

    MySQL Server 4 is listed as a requirement for your application.

    I have tried ReqHeap with MySQL Server 5, but version 5 has changes that break ReqHeap's SQL insert commands.

    Here is the bad news, starting from MySQL Server version 5, previous functionality that would insert "sane" default values for a field no longer exists.

    An example of this behaviour can be seen when using edit_project.php to add a new project, the field p_template in the insert statement is given a value of "" (an empty string), which MySQL Server 4 would substitute the value 0 for, because the field is an integer type.

    A work around would be to edit each php file and code some validation to check that variables used in SQL insert or update statements have been initialized to sane values, and set those variables to sane values.

    I think Req Heap is great program, but needs a little tweaking to get with the times.

  • M. Günter

    M. Günter - 2011-01-03

    I added this to the tracker and we will include something about that in the next version. Thanks for the feed back.


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