plaasjaapie - 2006-11-18

I had a bit of a cool idea that comes out of working on the Hamamatsu chip.  I keep the limits detector pointed down at the float glass working surface and deliniate a working space by laying down two lengths of IR opaque electrical tape, one on the y-axis glass work surface and another on the transparent strip on top of the x-axis.

Once I've done that I simply manually run the x/y axes into the zone and then autocalibrate the working space by letting the firmware find the boundaries of the tape strips and calibrate against one end.  That would define a work volume.

If I wanted I could set up several separate extrusion work zones and have the replicator build up several pieces sequentially that way.    You've defined several working volumes which should implicitely avoid problems of dragging the extruder through things already built.  That has a nice kind of ad hoc feel to it.  :-)