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  • Adrian Bowyer

    Adrian Bowyer - 2007-01-13

    Last night (me)/Saturday morning (him) Simon and I set reprap.org up to point directly at the IP address of the wiki.  So far it all seems OK.

    On another matter, apologies to Vik or Forrest if they've already mentioned this, but barbecue paint is electrically conductive.  I used some to 'glue' a thermistor into a new extruder I am making, and couldn't see the short between the thermistor and the extruder.  Then I just put the multimeter probe on the BBQ paint - result 4K.  Presumably this is because it's some form of bonded carbon.  I wonder how we can exploit this?

    • plaasjaapie

      plaasjaapie - 2007-01-13

      "Presumably this is because it's some form of bonded carbon."

      I wonder if you got BBQ paint in some colour besides black if that would still be the case?

      "I wonder how we can exploit this?"

      Easy!  Now you can print resistors, can't you.  :-D

    • kevinzwolf

      kevinzwolf - 2007-01-13


      Googling 'metallic paint circuitry' (no quotes) got me this immediately:


      I've wondered over the past months about the following questions (wrt RepRap):

      Given that, as Engineers, we often follow given paths out of practical necessity when working as part of the 'conventional' Engineering-society (where 'non-conventional' ideas exist, but, typically, such ideas are 'non-conventional' variations of a (large) number of 'conventional' frameworks), when working on (or thinking about) some projects (such as RepRap) do we carry 'biases', 'paradigms', over subconciously? &, if so, how big an impact does this have on our developments? &, finally, how do we overcome or work 'round such 'habits'?

      Obviously (I think), Adrian's & Ed's work on RPECs was/is 'non-conventional' (by printing the circuits a way that was seemingly banished from the table for many years).. if 'pencil drawn' circuits work, then hasn't Forrest already made a proto-circuit-printer while making Tommelise?

      If a painted/pencil-drawn circuit system has only a brief lifespan... so what? It's not as if it's that significant given that one has made up five copies of said circuit as it's 1st 'operation'.. GE can't do this for it's 'sold as a closed product' products, but RepRap can.

      Circuits on paper or on canvas seem 'pretty' modular & open up some big territories..



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