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dh_make_text 0.0.1 was released

First release of dh_make_text - quick debianization system for simple text archives. Debian fans, try it! It is very useful IMHO.

Posted by Dmitry E. Melamud 2001-04-28

Migration feature will be removed

I have plans to remove migration feature from Repository. This feature is never used in fact and only makes Repository behaviour and interface more complex.
Any comments?

Posted by Dmitry E. Melamud 2000-06-27

Version 0.0.2 released

A new template 'project-am' in repository example, new @#ife@ and @#ifne@ operators, an escape sequence for @, and many bugfixes.

Posted by Dmitry E. Melamud 2000-06-20

Version 0.0.1 released

This is initial release. Read local documentation for details.

Posted by Dmitry E. Melamud 2000-04-30