NFS entries in fstab

Tom Wa
  • Tom Wa

    Tom Wa - 2001-02-22

    after finishing the install, when repli-install is configuring files, i keep having the nfs entries put into the fstab as the / mount. the partition with the fresh install on is not even mentioned. the lilo.conf is set up ok. so it's aware of the partition.
    in my final fstab i don't want any nfs mounts.
    i was wondering if maybe i was doing something wrong with the config. i'm not using dhcp - (i couldn't get it to take the ip address from the server).

    • Ferran Jorba

      Ferran Jorba - 2001-02-22

      Hi Tom,

      have you commented out/deleted the following lines
      in /etc/replicator/replicator.conf?

      Original file is:

      #Lines to add to the /etc/fstab of the target machine
      $fstab_supp = "/dev/fd0 /floppy auto defaults,user,noauto 0 0
      #mynfsserver:/usr/local /usr/local nfs ro,defaults,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 0 0
      /dev/cdrom /cdrom auto ro,defaults,user,noauto 0 0\n";

      My tailored file:

      #Lines to add to the /etc/fstab of the target machine
      $fstab_supp = "";

      Works for me.  Good luck


    • Tom Wa

      Tom Wa - 2001-02-23

      Thanks Ferran!

      i missed those couple of lines. all looked like comments to me :)

      There is one other question i have regarding the rsync process. when i am installing, it seems as if the files are copied twice. the first time i don't know where the files go and the second time it copies them to /target/ where i expect. is this just an rsync thing?

      thanks again!


      • Sébastien Chaumat


        The fist time rsync ran, it builds the files lists. It's not receiving any file, just info about them.


    • Sébastien Chaumat

      About dhcp:

      currently dhcpcd needs to be installed onto the model.

      I hope to support both dhcpcd and dhclient soon.



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