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Move to Subversion, Linux build updated

I have now moved the project from CVS to Subversion and updated the linux build system which had been out of sync for some time.

Posted by Daniel Sjolie 2006-08-11

New release, matching osg 0.9.9

Project has been updated and tested to work with the latest release of OpenSceneGraph (0.9.9)

Posted by Daniel Sjolie 2005-06-02

New release - license corrected...

Licens file corrected to match GNU LGPL as it should.

Posted by Daniel Sjolie 2005-05-14

New release...

Changes: Changed vrutils and cfg namespaces to rvrutils and rcfg to avoid conflicts with other installations... Removed the requirement for using cal3d with 16-bit-indices... Updated to not assume very specific names for auto* Some fixes to compile with g++-3.4 (as reported)

Posted by Daniel Sjolie 2005-02-10

Initial SourceForge release

Initial release of replicant body through sourceforge...

The source has been cleaned up since the earlier release with quite a few classes renamed and some unused and overgeneralized features removed... The impact on an application using the Body class intercafe should be small though...

Posted by Daniel Sjolie 2005-02-08