UVs look great in Cal3D mini viewer/demo NOT!

Lex Yacc
  • Lex Yacc

    Lex Yacc - 2005-04-12

    Has anyone else experienced this one?

    We have exported an animated model that looks great in Max, looks great in the Cal3D provided mini viewer, but when it displays in the rbodyTest demo the model UVs are a mess. The mesh looks good, and it animates as expected, but the UVs are trashed. Please help!

    • Peter S

      Peter S - 2005-04-13


      Yes, we've been told about this problem before, and in that case it was solved by turning all the textures upside down before exporting them from 3DS. Let me know if that helps!

      Peter Sunna

    • Lex Yacc

      Lex Yacc - 2005-04-13

      That did the trick. Thanks.

      Note that your suggestion in an earlier thread to use


      before the main loop did not have any effect. In fact the rbodyTest main.cpp already had this in the code. I tried removing this line and putting it back. It had no effect whatsoever. It's almost as if it has been overwritten or stubbed out. Still investigating why this had no effect.

    • Lex Yacc

      Lex Yacc - 2005-04-13

      OK... Found it in your other posts. The call to


      must be made before the model is loaded.


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