seg fault importing my mesh into rbodytest

Lex Yacc
  • Lex Yacc

    Lex Yacc - 2005-04-08

    I am a n00b that is trying to import one of my own meshes into the rbodytest program. i basically changed all references to bizguy1 to reference my model and associated data. The .rbodyfile is still a bit confusing to me.  Here is my version:

    # ReplicantBody v0.1

            path "./"
            skeleton "ogre.csf"
            default_act "ACT_WALK"
            scale 0.025
            foot_offset 3.0 // Before scaling

            // Bones used when calculating character speed
            ContactBones {
                    bone_name "Bip01 L Foot"
                    bone_name "Bip01 R Foot"


            // Bones from which you can get the direction
            DirectionBones {

                    head_bone "Bip01 Head"


            Animation {
                    name "walk"
                    filename "../bizguy_animations/ogre.caf"
                    act_name "ACT_WALK"
                    act_weight 1.0
                    speed 1.0
                    is_looped 1

            Mesh {
                    name "lod.1"
                    filename "ogre.cmf"
                    is_default 1

            Material {
                    filename "ogre.crf"

            MaterialSet {
                    name "Material #0"
                    is_default 1
                    Connection {
                            thread_id 1
                            material_id 0

    And here is the error i get:

    Breakpoint 3, main (argc=3, argv=0xfefa6d24) at main.cpp:113
    113             characters = g_ReplicantBodyMgr->readCharacterFile(CHARACTER_FILE, root);
    (gdb) step
    ADDING ACTIONS: bizguy1/ogre.rbody

    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    0x0088938a in CalCoreMaterial::getMapCount ()
       from /usr/local/lib/

    Any ideas?



    • Lex Yacc

      Lex Yacc - 2005-04-08

      NM... I fixed it. Thread id was set wrong


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