Javier Marco - 2006-06-07

I am just evaluationg Replicant Body.
I Am testing each kind of animation, and I only have been to perfom basic animation.
It is working the script animation?
In the DEMO there isn't any script animation.

I defined this script animation in the bizguy1.rbody:
xAnimationScript {
        name "tresacciones"       
        act_name "ACT_TRES_ACCIONES"   
        //act_weight  1       
        Animation {           
            name "idle_long"
            start_time 0           
        Animation {           
            name "stand"
            start_time 5
        Animation {           
            name "idle_long"
            start_time 10

I Tried to call this script in C++ with:
case (osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KEY_F3):

                rbody::ActionRequest *action =  m_body_vector[m_curr_body]->getBody()->getActionPrototype( "ACT_TRES_ACCIONES" );
                if (action) {
                    m_body_vector[m_curr_body]->getBody()->executeAction(action, false);
                handled = true;

and nothing happens when I press F3

What I am doing Wrong?

Thanks in Advance