Do you have any errors in the Zombie class that would prevent it from compiling? Can you check your paths and make sure everything is under the C:\RepastSimphony-2.0\workspace\jzombies directory?

On Apr 23, 2012, at 11:25 PM, mi_bo wrote:

Dear friends:
    I'm new to repast S 2.0, and i encountered problems as below:
when running the model, no GUI appears with the folowing errors:
2012/04/24 11:15:13,171: Unable to find class(es) to watch: [ jzombies . Zombie ] classpath: C:\RepastSimphony-2.0\workspace\jzombies\bin
2012/04/24 11:15:27,687: Error while creating displays
2012/04/24 11:15:27,718: Error while setting up watcher
and can not find model.score file in
seeking for your help, Thanks.

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