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New Working Release 0.1-20030217-110047

I've released a new packages of the code with new features for adding OpenHistograms and OpenSequenceGraphs. Plus, improved setup and begin tag performance.

Posted by Mark Diggory 2003-02-18

New Release 0.1 with BCEL code generation capabilities

I've released version 0.1 of the code in two distributions, one with just the RePast and BCEL taglibraries (plus demos) and the other containing all that plus the code of several models I am currently working on. THose who are just interested in the taglibraries should download the first version, others who have an interest in my models can download the second.

This is a minor version release due to some heavy cvs restructuring to reduce a large amount of code duplication that was occuring due to the separation of the models and the taglibrary modules. I now hav build scripts producing the separate releases while the cvs tree stays merged.

Posted by Mark Diggory 2003-02-12

Introduction of Apache BCEL into taglibraries

I've added the BCEL package into the library and started developing a set of tags to implement this library in Jelly. This library gives me the ability to extend Classes with new Bean style properties (with getter/setter methods). For Models, this gives the developer the ability to expose new Parameters on the Controller GUI, for Logging into Data Files and for rendering in other GUI tools.

Agents Can be "dynamically created" via xml tags with added Parameters too them.... read more

Posted by Mark Diggory 2003-01-18

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