problems with reoback and Debian 3.1

  • ovizii

    ovizii - 2007-04-15


    I successfully installed and configured reoback. I made a testrun (manually) and everything worked fine. The backup was made, everything ok.
    Then I noticed that when reoback ran as cronjob it kind of "hung" - the cronjob was set for 3 o'clock and late i nteh evenign I noticed a high CPU load. I checked and found out tar was still running.
    My first idea was that maybe the reason was that I had configured reoback to backup / with just a few exceptions. So I reconfigured and specified each directory separately and did a testrun again. It run fine, a little smoother, basically a full backup took 1 1/2 hours the transfer itsself 30mins... but today I just noticed tar was still running... and and are also running.

    So here I am - what can I check, how can I enable some logging to find out why it does not run when used with cron?

    here is my cronjob: 3 3 * * * /etc/reoback/ | mail -s "reoback" postmaster@mydomain

    • Andy Swanner

      Andy Swanner - 2008-04-22

      In the latest version we have some extra debugging available. Did you see it hung on a specific file? Is it trying to backup a file that is being constantly updated? do your logs say anything about where it is hung?



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