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Outdated CVS

I don't know why but I can't update the CVS. I must say that CVS f**** me up being so heavy and messy. You can have the source code with each release but don't expect the CVS to be up to date.

-- 2004.09.22 00:48 --
I was in a bad mood because it didn't worked the way I whished. Now I've tryed TortoiseCVS and I must say that I won't change back to WinCVS for a while.

The CVS should be up to date. By the way, version 3.31 will be more user friendly with some more intuitive functions and more help.

Posted by Werner BEROUX 2004-09-21

Plug-ins SDK

Here it is! The filters are now plug-ins. The plug-ins are dynamically loaded DLLs.

To create a custom filter that fits your needs use the SDK located in the CVS under renameit\Plug-ins\SDK folder.

To test it you can either compile the CVS version, or wait for the next release to come. I don't want to release it too fast, in order to check for bugs or improvements.

Posted by Werner BEROUX 2004-08-22

Back to work

As holidays terminate, the coding goes on. During all this time I've found a better user interface and I know what has to be added to the next release. A lot could be done but I've also to work on some more lucrative projects.

Posted by Werner BEROUX 2004-08-19

Rename-It! 3.22 released

Features Added:
o Move up/down buttons.
o Always on-top option in the "View" menu.
o Source code included in install program.

Bugs Fixed:
o Filter strings over 256 characters couldn't be loaded.

Minor Changes:
o NewMenu version 1.20.
o Replace Once in the Search&Replace filter is NOT activated by default.
o Renamed buttons "Clear ..." to "Remove ..." in the main menu.
o Better move up/down handling.
o New install interface.

Posted by Werner BEROUX 2004-06-16

Rename-It! 3.21 released

Thanks to your reports, we could fix a lot of little problems that were left in the version 3.20, but don't expect any new feature.

Posted by Werner BEROUX 2003-11-24

Rename-It! 3.20 released

The program's interface has been a bit reviewed. When you access to rename-it! from the Explorer you get now directly to the Search&Replace filter by default. Two possible bugs have also been fixed.

Posted by Werner BEROUX 2003-11-17

Rename-It! 3.10 released

Yes it is finaly out. Check the release notes for more informations and never forget to report us here or by email any little error you may see.

Posted by Werner BEROUX 2003-11-12

Development continues

After a long period the project's development goes on. The next release will be soon ready. Thank you for your help and support.

Posted by Werner BEROUX 2003-11-11

Rename-It! 3.01 released

Features Added:
o Word case filter define as new word anything after a space.
It doesn't anymore put something after a non-ascii character in uppercase.
o Use the new PCRE 4.3 (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) library code.
o Use the new NewMenu 1.16 code.
o Some code cleaning.

Posted by Werner BEROUX 2003-07-17

Rename-It! 3.0 final released

This is the stable release of Rename-It! new version. Enjoy!

Posted by Werner BEROUX 2003-05-30