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Version 0.4.3-4 is out

There are some bug fixes in this version and support to get IE history.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2010-10-12

Version 0.4 is out!

There are many new features! Please go to for details.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2009-05-28

Version 0.3.4-0 is out with new RTRemote and RTRegCreator

In this version I added a new RTRemote and new RTRegCreator.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2009-02-19

Version 0.3.3-0 is out!

- Bug fixes;
- New German translation;
- Added four commands:
- gip - Get the current IP address. If your device has more than one, you will receive all of them. If there is at least one valid IP address, the IP defined by ActiveSync will be ignored. If no IP address exists the command will make a connection (GPRS/EDGE/3G...) and return a valid IP;
- egip - same as GIP but by e-mail;
- vnc - start a vnc server. It works like Kuzko1 implemented, so, download the file here and put the executable (vncserver.exe) in \Program Files\RTConfig folder. THIS IS NOT A FREE SOFTWARE!
- evnc - same as vnc, but the answer will be received by e-mail.... read more

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2009-02-16

Version 0.3.2-3 is out!

Bug fixes.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2009-02-12

Version 0.3.2-0 is out!

This version comes with a lot of internal modifications, bug fixes and severals new features. Please see the changelog.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2009-01-09

Version 0.3.1-5 is out!

Happy new year!

In this new I fixed:

- Fixed password security issue;
- GPS may connect faster in HTC devices.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2009-01-02

Version 0.3.1-3 is out!

- Fixed wav file selection when Resco File Explorer is installed and configured to show Network;
- New and smallest wav file for alarm command;
- New spanish translation;
- New command: GANFL, same as EGANFL, but by sms.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-12-29

Java client for RemoteTracker!

Hi! Our friend alt236 wrote a Java client for RemoteTracker, JRTRemote. You can find this in download link.

Thank you very much!

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-12-23

RemoteTracker on TV!!!

Hi all!

I have something to share to everyone of you. Today I received a message from a user from spain telling me he is the director and presenter of the program "" that is broadcasted weekly on "LOCAL MEDIA TV".

He include RemoteTracker in his program broadcasted today, december 15. The video is in spanish and can be seen here: read more

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-12-15

Version 0.3.0-0 is out!

After a long time I'm back with version. In this version we have:

- Faster SMSLauncher;
- SMSLauncher now send the IMEI and IMSI numbers when your SIM card is changed;
- The password verification when the message is sent using web sites now ignores invalid characters;
- Password now accept only numbers and letters;
- New German translation;
- New Russian translation;
- New Swedish translation;
- New Dutch translation;
- New application: RTRemote. This application will control RemoteTracker from other Windows Mobile based device;
- New commands:
- msg or message: show a message;
- gi or getinfo: get IMEI and IMSI;
- egi or egetingo: same as gi, but using email;
- RemoteTracker now can be used in devices without GPS, using the CellID of the cell tower. This information is converted using OpenCellId internet service:
- New project: OpenCellClient. This project is a scanner for cell towers. The goal is colect data and send to OpenCellID, a free service to create a complete database of CellID worlwide, with their locations. With this information devices without build in GPS can be found using the information of the tower it is connected.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-12-08

Version 0.2.0-0 is out!!!

Hello There! Version 2 is out!

What is new in this version:
- New version number format;
- The message sent when your Sim Card is changed now comes with the new IMSI and your IMEI;
- New commands GI and EGI to get Phone information: IMSI and IMEI;
- Now you can store up to 4 known SIM cards;
- New interface for non touch screen devices;
- Uninstall now remove the link to SMSLauncher in \Windows\Startup.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-08-31

Romanian translation has arrived!

Thanks to Nick form!

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-08-01

V0.10j Danish translation

Many thanks to Lind!

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-07-24

V0.10i, greek translation and AppToDate!

Hello all! This release has a few modifications. In first place there is a greek translation. Thanks to drageloth from

The second one is an integration with AppToDate. This application verify if configured softwares are up to date or not. If not, you are alerted, and invited to download the new version! Very cool and useful.

You can download AppToDate here: read more

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-07-19

V0.10h is out

Hi all. Another release (10h)

Some people are asking me if they can track their devices using web. Instead of make a webservice I'm thinking to keep it simple.

So, we can use the website of our network provider and send a SMS from this site to our phone. If the configuration of destinator e-mail acount points to an e-mail service able to be accessed by a browser, we can control RT using internet.... read more

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-07-17

V0.10g is out

The SIM card change detection feature now works when the phone ask for PIN code.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-07-16

V0.10f is out

This version includes only minor bug fixes.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-07-16

V0.10e is out

This version has some minor bug fixes.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-07-14

V0.10d is out! RTTest is out!

This version correct a GPS bug for some devices.

I added a new tool: RTTest. Put this .exe file in the same directory as RT if you want to make tests without pay SMSs.
This tool calls RT.exe passing parameters and rt process these parameters.
There is an options called Fake Command. With this option rt will answer using a dialog box instead of sms or e-mail.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-07-13

V0.10c is out!

This version include:

- new translations version;
- new config parameter: alarm sound file;
- commands Alarm and FindMe don't ask for password anymore;
- SMSLauncher now save a debug file. This file does not contains any personal information and it will help me to find problems when SIM card is change. Please send the file SMSLauncher.Debug.txt to me if this feature does not work for you;
- Minor bug fixes.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-07-06

V0.10 and features for ROM cookers

Hello all. This version has some features for ROM cookers. Now is possible to put RT inside custom ROMs and make it hard reset safe! Another tools was added to be used with a PC to create a DLL with the configuration. ROM cookers can add this DLL to RT folder and when SMSLauncher run at first time, the configuration is restored.
There is others modifications, please see the change log.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-06-29

V0.06d and german translation

Hi all. In this version I correct a small bug in SIM card change detection. When the SIM card was changed and you must enter then PIN number to the new one, RT did not wait to send the SMS and the message never works. Now RT will try several times to send the message (about 5 minutes).

German version is now included. Thanks to Kasjopaja from XDA developers!

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-06-15

V0.06 and SIM change detection is out!

The changes:

Alias for commands:
- cb = callback;
- gp, egp = getposition, egetposition;
- elt = elogtrack
- pb, epb = phonebool, ephonebook.

New commands:
- go, ego, getowner, egetowner = get 'settings/owner' informations. Will be useful if the thief or so change that;
- rst, reset = softreset device;
- dkz, delkmz= delete all kmz files;
- dsc, delsim = delete all contacts in SIM card;

New features:
- NONE of features are importante if the SIM card is change. Now RT can detect changes and them send SMS alert to default number. When you upgrade RT, start the program and you will see in Config TAB your IMSI (the ID of your SIM card). If you change this card, go back to this tab and press Refresh button. When the device is turned on (after a softreset) or when the battery is put back, RT will verify this IMSI number.... read more

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-05-20

Version 0.05h is out!

There is a lot of correction in this version. And the uninstall function is back.

Posted by Joubert Vasconcelos 2008-05-14

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