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remotefs 1.0 released

Finally! Packages are available in "Downloads" section, check out Wiki for performance numbers and updated info.

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2013-12-22

remotefs 1.0rc2 released

remotefs 1.0rc2 is out. This is intermediate release in ongoing attemp to release remotefs 1.0. No changes since 0.16, which is now considered 1.0rc1.

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2013-12-15

remotefs 0.16 released

Bugfixing release plus faster writes and couple of touches for more convenient everyday use

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2013-12-08

remotefs 0.15 released

Mostly bugfix release, recommended for big-endian systems as a replacement for 0.14.

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2011-02-07

remotefs 0.14 released

Several optimizations and bugfixes, removed embedded SSL support in favor of external solutions (see

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2010-06-05

remotefs 0.13 release

POSIX ACL support redone, several improvements and bugfixes

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2010-01-18

remotefs 0.12 released

The main new feature of this release is NSS module to automate id-mapping.

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2009-08-23

remotefs 0.11 released

Reduced memory usage on server, several improvements on client, POSIX ACL and SSL support (in SVN).

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2009-02-15

remotefs 0.10 released

Significant performance improvement and UGO-model support. Please refer to man pages for details on UGO:

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2008-10-19

remotefs 0.9 released

This release is focused on issues that have been left unresolved in the previous versions. See changelog for details.

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2008-06-22

remotefs 0.8 released

This release is primarily focused on read/write performance improvement. Still in beta, do NOT use outside of trusted networks.

Salt for password encryption has been changed to an empty string. All previously set passwords will need to be reset. Sorry for the inconvenience.

See changelog for details on changes made and release notes for remaining issues.

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2008-06-10

remotefs 0.7 released

For testing purposes only. Should NOT be exposed to untrusted networks in any case.
Builds for OpenWrt/mipsel (server) and Debian/i386 (client) are ready. If you need binaries for other platform you could build them from sources in SVN (build scripts are available for Debian and OpenWrt and also stored in SVN).

Make note than you won't be able to run rfsd if port 5001 is being used by another application. This issue is to be fixed in the nearest future. See release notes for more known issues.... read more

Posted by Aleksey Tulinov 2008-06-03