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#64 Cannot uninstall or reinstall


Hey guys...

Here is my issue. I was using Remote Calendars to sync my google calendar with outlook 2003. The google to outlook worked fine (although I never got the outlook to google going). One day all of a sudden, it stopped working and the toolbar became blank. While trying to fix it, I deleted the toolbar from outlook and now I cannot get it back.

I tried uninstalling the app so I can reinstall it, but I get error "An exception occurred while trying to uninstall. This exception will be ignored and the uninstall will continue." Etc etc. "ERROR invalid label or name." Then I hit ok and it continues, then I get another error "Fatal error during installation" and it quits out, still remaining installed on my machine.

This is a problem because I cannot fix the current version I have on my machine or install a new version. BTW, I don't know what version I am running. It would be whatever was the current version as of about 3 months ago when I installed it. I also tried manually deleting the Remotes Calendars folder from Program Files, but this did not work either. I was still unable to re-install because it says a version is already running.

How can I fix this issue?


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